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Hi! Welcome to the website of Lori Davies Textiles, a professional weaver offering only the highest-quality tableware and fibre equipment.

These gorgeous tableware items were originally designed by Diane Mortensen, a master weaving and world-class fiber expert. After working under Diane's tutelage for over three years, I purchased the tableware portion of the business from her, and opened my own studio.

Diane remains a good friend, and still comments on design and quality control. I can't thank her enough for her on-going guidance and friendship.

Like Diane, my goal is produce the highest quality hand-woven products possible. It begins with a constant search for the best materials I can find. It continues as I blend as many as 50 different shades and textures in each and every run. These are then wound (or "warped"), onto one of four looms, making between 100 and 120 placemats, and 10 to 14 table runners.

During the weaving stage, I try to make every throw of the shuttle as perfect and consistent as possible! If it is not, then the edges are not straight, so I undo it back to where it went wrong, and I throw the shuttle again. I repeat this for as long as it takes to get it just right. This ensures that the edges of every woven piece stay straight, and that the tension is the same from one item to the next, as well as from one warp to the another.


These are limited production, hand-woven placemats, with matching tea cozies and table runners. While the basic color schemes shown on these pages and in our brochures stay essentially the same, there are only a limited number of items made from each warp that will match exactly. For this reason, it is good to purchase all items from a particular warp, as future runs may vary slightly in shades and hues. These are very much like limited edition art prints.


Scarves are woven with the same care as the tableware products, with a couple of notable exceptions. First, where the placemates and table runners are made in "lots" of the same yarn, each scarf is totally unique.

Second, some scarves have chenille added to them, others have wool, and still others have a very high quality of silk. Unlike the tableware, they require special washing, and they hold up for an extremely long time. They are literally "one of a kind", and you will never, ever see another one exactly like the one you purchase from Lori Davies Textiles.


All of our products are made primarily from cotton, with some viscose, rayon, linen, chenille and silk added in for highlights and texture. All placemats are stitched, fringed, and pre-washed. As a result of the various shrinkage rates in different materials, sizes may vary slightly between color schemes or styles.

With the exception of the Tea Cozies, these items may be machine washed and machine dried (one of our customers is a fine-dining restaurant - they have been using the placemats for several years now, washing them on a daily basis!)


While our main focus is to produce high quality hand-woven products, we occassionally come across some excellent deals on weaving equipment. When this happens, we offer those deals here as well. Be sure to check with us if you're planning on getting into weaving, or are upgrading your current weaving equipment.

Thank you! Lori

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Just a few of the Placemats and Table Runners

After re-designing our fine-dining restaurant, we are now using our second run of placemats from Lori.

Our first color was used and washed on a daily basis for over two years, and did not show any significant signs of wear nor shrinkage.

These tablemats and runners are of the highest quality, and I recommend them whole-heartedly! JM - Coastal Tides Restaurant - Tofino

We have been selling this tableware..., originally from Diane Mortensen, and now for the past four years from Lori, for over seven years. In all that time, we have not had a single come-back or customer complaint on any of the products. Muffet Louise

When we bought our new house, I knew that I wanted some of Diane Mortensen's placemats to decorate our new dining room. We had received some as a gift several years earlier, and were still using them in the old house. Since Lori has been weaving for Diane, she knew exactly what I wanted, and made a custom color that was just perfect! MK
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